Custom Web-Apps

Imagine if you had the power to create and control your own maps, with personalized content that tells the world how your community shines.  You don't have to rely on Google or Wikipedia to provide this generic information, because with the Strollopia platform you are able to take this content into your own hands.

Start telling your own story...

The Strollopia platform offers you the ability to have your very own app with all the capabilities of Strollopia, but branded exactly how you want it.  With this technology you get to build and edit all of your own maps and content.  The app updates instantly, so when you change the content on the builder it immediately appears on the app.

Having a custom branded app is perfect for you if...

  • you have an exciting, vibrant downtown that people are excited to explore and learn about
  • you have a concentration of businesses in one area that want easy mobile app promotion
  • your area receives a lot of visitors that travel on foot from cruise ships or bus tours
  • your region consists of many hidden trails, hikes, and waterfalls, not easy to locate on Google Maps or other platforms
  • you rely mostly on print or television advertising to distribute information and are looking to update your methods